Swimming pool

At the rear of the house is the swimming pool. This is 10 x 4 meters, descending from 0.9 to 2.4 meters deep. The swimming pool is surrounded by a terrace. On one side the garden is protected with an old stone wall with a tropical ornamental garden with banana plants, palms and other tropical plants. The other side of the pool is shielded with oleander shrubs, ornamental cane and palm trees. So at the pool you have a lot of privacy. Under the large pergola one sits in the shade and there is a wooden table with 6 chairs. The Portuguese barbecue is next to the table. The outdoor shower has tap water, so you can shower outside in the summer. There are plenty of sun beds, umbrellas and lounge chairs available. There are two areas where the sun beds are and there is a part with a shade cloth, where you can put the hammock or a children's pool.


The house is in the middle of the grounds and is surrounded by the garden and an orchard. The entire site is walled and fenced. In the large and spacious orchard there are many types of fruit trees, including a number of fig, orange, lemon, and apple trees. Of course there are also banana trees, olive trees and many almond trees and palm trees here and there. We have tropical ornamental gardens around the swimming pool and for the kitchen and living room. So we have flowers and fruit all year round, there is always something in bloom and you can just pick the ripe organic fruit. There is also a herb garden in the garden in front of the kitchen. Tasty fresh rosemary and thyme, sage for meat and fish for the barbecue.

We try to gardening as much as possible organic (permaculture), so all the residual waste from the garden is converted into compost and processed in the garden again. As a result, we also use fewer fertilizers and pesticides. We also try to give the animals in the area as much space as possible. In our garden you will see many species of birds, hares, salamanders, hedgehogs and other small animals. We spray with agricultural water and mainly at night. In short, our garden is a pleasure haven for humans and animals.


What is so wonderful about our terraces, there is always a sea breeze. You can always find a place in or out of the wind. In addition, we have so many terraces around the house in the garden that you can always find a place in the shade or the sun. The delicious breakfast terrace in front of the living room, is in the morning in the sun. On the terrace in front of the kitchen you have a view of the town of Fuseta and the sea. Here you can sit all day in the sun or shade at the dining table with easy chairs.

Behind the pool you can sit in the shade of the large pergola or under the shade cloth. But there is also plenty of room to put your chair or one of the sun beds in the sun. Our amazing roof terrace can be reached by stairs in the garden. The view of the surroundings and the sea is amazing. There is a wonderful dining table under the thatched pergola. For the beautiful summer evenings there is lighting, so you can enjoy the day under the always beautiful starry sky. The roof terrace is very large so the sun beds or chairs can of course also be put in the sun. We have made an elevation on our rustic piece of land, grab a chair and enjoy the great view of the surroundings or the sea.

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