General Rental Conditions

General rental conditions

Rental and Payment Conditions Casa Antonius

The rental of the holiday home “Casa Antonius” is of a temporary nature, the period, the rent with the costs and the company you specify are stated in the booking confirmation. The storage room in the hallway, the warehouse near the kitchen, the large closet in the living room, the engine room of the pool and the garage are for private use only and are not part of the rental conditions.

For wintering we have adapted rental conditions, these are based on the stay of two people, and also in connection with the costs of electricity and wood for the stove. The rental conditions for wintering will therefore be sent separately. The deposit for the winter is 400 euros.

Terms of payment
Your reservation is final after payment of 30% of the rent (including explicitly stated additional costs). This payment must be made immediately and no later than 7 calendar days after booking. The remainder of 70% must be paid 6 weeks before the arrival date. If you book 6 weeks before the arrival date, the entire amount must be paid immediately.
You can cancel free of charge if on the arrival date due to government regulations. COVID 19make it impossible to reach Casa Antonius. In that case you will receive your full (down) payment, except for the administration costs of € 25.00.

In case of cancellation (only in writing by post or mail) the following conditions apply:

  1. Until the 43edays before arrival: 30% of the rent.
  2. From the 42eup to 29e days before arrival: 60% of the rent.
  3. From the 28edays until the 1e day before arrival: 90% of the rent.
  4. From 24 hours before arrival: 100% of the rent.

If you wish to take out cancellation insurance, please contact your insurance broker. This is not provided by the landlord.

Cancellation by the landlord

If any circumstances require cancellation of the rented accommodation, this will be notified to the tenant as soon as possible and, if possible, with the offer of an equivalent alternative. If this alternative is not accepted, or if it is not possible to offer a suitable alternative, the amount already paid by the tenant will be refunded. The tenant has no more or other right towards the landlord than to reclaim this amount.


The deposit will be refunded to your bank account after everything has turned out to be in order, but no later than 2 weeks after the departure date. Tenant undertakes to behave with due diligence. Damage, missing items, etc. will be reported immediately by the tenant to the landlord. All damage and defects that are not reported to the landlord or manager within 24 hours after the key handover is assumed to have been caused by the tenant.

  • We charge 100 Euro for not returning the remote control of the gate and keys.
Travel party

Your booking confirmation and residence ticket will state the number of persons you have announced (this includes children regardless of age). If the number of persons allowed on arrival at the accommodation is exceeded without the prior express written permission of the landlord or the manager has the right to deny the tenant access without charging any refund or 50 Euro per surplus person per day.

Completion Accommodation

Upon departure at the end of the relevant period, the tenant will leave the house and surroundings as he found it. I.e.:

  • Upon departure at the end of the relevant period, the tenant will leave the house and surroundings as he found it. I.e .:
  • Crockery and cutlery are washed and stored, and other kitchen utensils are in the appropriate places.
  • The dishwasher is empty.
  • The household waste in the designated (central) waste containers has been deposited.
  • The fireplace / wood stove and BBQ are empty and cleaned.
  • The patio furniture is in place and the garden and / or the patio is free of waste.
  • The house (broom) is clean.

If the accommodation and the associated garden and / or terrace are not left as described above, the landlord is entitled to withhold cleaning costs from the deposit up to a maximum of 200 euros. If bed linen / towels are torn, stained or otherwise abnormally damaged or unusable, the landlord, the manager, is entitled to withhold replacement costs from the deposit.

Entry law

By virtue of its position, the manager, landlord, cleaner and the pool and garden maintenance people, acting on behalf of one of these parties, have the right to enter the accommodation at all times, if they deem it necessary. As far as possible, entering will be announced to the tenant before entering.

Liability of the tenant

During your stay in the accommodation you as a tenant are fully and personally liable and also fully liable for your fellow travelers, for the rented, the furnishings and all things that belong to the object and the damage that is suspected to be caused by your actions and / or by your travel companions, must be fully reimbursed by the tenant to new value. The landlord or manager is entitled to use the deposit for this purpose. If replacement costs exceed the deposit, the tenant must immediately pay the difference. If this does not take place immediately, the tenant will be legally involved.

Liability of the landlord

The landlord is responsible for the implementation of the obligations arising from the lease. The landlord can never be held liable for damage and / or costs suffered by the tenant. The landlord is not liable for loss, theft, damage or injury of any kind, caused to or by tenants of the rented accommodation.

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